Ten teacher thank-you cards I thought about sending…..but didn’t.

  1. Dear Mrs. Apple, Thank you for taking our grade two class to the Pioneer Village. My Mom said with the cost of admission she was excited to meet our tour guide—Robin Leach.
  2. Dear Professor Plum, Thank you for taking my picture on a monthly basis to prove whether I was wearing my sister’s shirt and if I combed my hair that day. My Mom says it must be nice to have a full-time photographer on staff.
  3. Dear Mr. Sharpie, Thank you for not embarrassing my Mom when she was volunteering and told the kids in my kindergarten class that a spider was an insect. She missed the day when we learned it can only be an insect if it has six legs.
  4. Dear Mrs. Ruler, Thank you for teaching me how to use scissors. My Mom came home from your parent-teacher interview after you told her I became frustrated when asked to cut something. She mumbled something to my Dad that sounded like, “Did you know you can give a four year old scissors?”
  5. Dear Mrs. Strict, Thank you for having me wear my winter cardigan over my new summer dress. I thought when you said the straps had to be two fingers thick, you meant my fingers and I’m in grade one so I have really small hands.
  6. Dear Ms. Gadget, Thank you for letting us learn all about computers on the SMART board. My Mom loves how we tap the screen on our home computer with our fingers the same way we do at school. She pretends she’s mad but she has a crazy sense of humour.
  7. Dear Mr. Pointer, Thank you for hosting the fundraiser meetings. My Mom must really love grapes because she said she watched the same tray circle the table for hours. They must have smelled nice because she said they were flagrant.
  8. Dear Mr. P. Tractor, Thank you for teaching us about geometry and algebra. My Mom says this is the only time in our lives we’ll use it so I’m glad it was such a big part of our term.
  9. Dear Mrs. Ball, Thank you for teaching us all about science and how things grow. We needed something to fill the days we weren’t at track & field meets.
  10. Dear Miss Painter, Thank you for saying my picture of the cat lounging on the big pillow was priceless, even though it was a picture of me and my Dad.