1. People who don’t remove their shoes in your house
  2. Eating something and realizing it was the last thing you ate right before the last time you threw up
  3. Cleaning up vomit at 2am in the winter
  4. Being hungover
  5. Shower games
  6. Barney
  7. Rejection
  8. Humiliation
  9. Paint ball
  10. Being the least successful sibling
  11. Small yards
  12. Kids who show up uninvited, eat your food and never leave
  13. Flat tires
  14. Bad teeth
  15. Dollarama increasing their prices to whatever the hell they want
  16. Being underdressed
  17. Taxable benefits
  18. Weekend and evening work functions
  19. Being forced into a dance circle
  20. Bible camp
  21. Camping
  22. Burning the roof of your mouth with hot pizza sauce
  23. Cold sores
  24. Playdates—see also item #23
  25. Putting a diaper in the washing machine and it exploding