I took my girls mini-putting yesterday. It was on their list of “20 Fun Things” they wanted to do this summer.

Actually, that’s a lie. It wasn’t even on the list that had been amended for the seventh time but after a fairly convincing argument and a dry activity that would keep Ellie’s overly sensitive ear out of the pool for the morning, I was game.

Taking a two year old to a mini-golf course is a lot like having a chimp away from the zoo on a day pass. The only difference was my chimp had a weapon that could cause some serious bodily injury (and did, twice).

There were many “I got a hole in one!!!” celebrations though these trick shots often happened after six or seven “do overs” or having one continuous stroke towards the hole while the ball and putter maintained contact at all times.

Ellie (my six year old) even shouted, “Hole in one!” while holding up four fingers on her right hand that she had been using to count her actual shots. Fingers don’t lie Ellie. Fingers. Don’t. Lie.

To round out the morning, Chloe who left the house with two perfectly good shoes finished the day with a hole in one.