Jump Rope For Heart….

Hanna and Ellie received their packages to fundraise for “Jump Rope For Heart” a worthy cause, a few weeks ago.

They were given pledge sheets and asked to solicit donations from friends, neighbours and family while promoting heart health and physical fitness.

The day the pledge forms were due back at school, having sat in our giant pile of “things we might one day need so we’ll keep piling things on top” Hanna fished out the blank form and asked, “How much money did I raise?”

Me: Did you jump rope?

Hanna: Um, yeah?

Me: Um, oh.

Well I skipped on the driveway when my shoe fell off, remember?

Yes, that was in the fall. You haven’t skipped for money in quite some time.

Did you ask your friends, relatives and neighbours to sponsor you?

I think so.

Think carefully.

Okay well how much money are you going to give me?

So you didn’t jump rope and you didn’t solicit any donations. How does one million dollars sound?

Great! I’ll get the lunch box with the speakers then. It’s the best prize.

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