Last night, we let the girls stay up “late” and watch a re-run of Modern Family.

They were up late after an end-of-season t-ball barbecue and weren’t quite ready to wind down and go to sleep. Also, we were too tired in that moment to walk them to their rooms, brush their teeth and read stories so it was easier to turn our laziness into a perceived victory for them.

It was also a parenting experiment. Allowing them to stay up was a way we could still watch our show and monitor how they might react to some more mature content.

Ellie had once seen an episode of “The Office” which she later referred to as this awesome show called “In The Office” and when asked what it was about she described, “these people walk up and they say stuff, then Mommy and Daddy laugh.”

Someone on the show said, “Shotgun Bitches!” while another person replied, “What the hell!” and Hanna said, “This show is not very nice. They’ve said one ‘h’ and one ‘b!’” Off went the t.v. and another failed experiment.

Chloe seemed oblivious to the colourful language though I won’t be surprised if she repeats it while meeting the Pope or while serving in a convent.

Then I remembered, she doesn’t always repeat things verbatim.

Earlier in the day I had pulled up to the intercom at a Tim Horton’s drive-thru and was greeted with, “My name’s Breanna, how can I help you?” Chloe then asked, “Why did that girl say, “Hi Grandma, I love you?”

I think her version would be nicer.