It appears our two year old is in the “thank you and” phase of development.

Our conversations go a little something like this, “Mommy, could you get me some warm milk?” I reply, “Yes.” She responds, “Thank you and could you turn on the light?”


“Thank you and could you get me my clothes?”


“Thank you and could I have Cheerios in a bowl with no milk?”


“Thank you and can I ride my trike on the driveway but not on the road?”

“In a few minutes, after breakfast.”

“Thank you and could I ride my wagon too?”

“Yes that sounds like fun.”

“Thank you and could we draw chalk?”


“Thank you and could you tell sisters to play with me?”

“I will.”

“Thank you and could you sit with me and read to me Forest and lots of books?”

“Yes, we will read lots of books today.”
“Thank you and can we read them on the porch and draw circles?”

“That sounds like a great plan.”
“Thank you and can we have crackers and treats?”

“Yes to crackers, maybe to the treats.”

“Thank you for the crackers and what about the treats?”

“We’ll see about a treat a little bit later.”
“Thank you and is it later Mommy?”

“I will let you know when later is.”

“Thank you and can we have a juicey box?”


“Thank you and can you put the straw in my juicey box for me?”

“Thank you and can you hold my juicey box for the first drink so it doesn’t spill on my dress?”

“You know I will.”

“Thank you and can we dance and sing and eat popcorn and use a mikorphone?”


“Thank you and could you change my bum?”

“Go ask your Dad.”

Dear Bartender,

Thank you and can I have another?