I thought like anything you neglect, it would just take care of itself. I was wrong.

I decided to attack some of our garden beds today but once again, I was defeated. I am simply no match for the weeds.

While dandelions are a nuisance, the more invasive weed is the Murdoch. I’m not sure if it’s even called Murdoch but I sound more like a gardener if I assign a name to it and I have heard Murdoch looks like rhubarb as does this s.o.b. of an intruder.

 Also, Murdoch is a super cool name and having been a member of the A-Team’s fan club long enough to receive a personalized letter from Mr. T encouraging me to “stay in school” it was the obvious name choice.

Beneath the several tons of Murdoch, I found the following items had found refuge in my neglected, overgrown space.

A canoe

Human skull

Remains of an entire T-Rex

My A-Team fan club certificate of authenticity

Dwight Schultz