I guess I had accepted the fact that my eight and six year olds were going to sometimes ask for things with their nicest manners, with the best intentions and others they would shout things like, “Dance monkey, DANCE!” and I would have no choice but to oblige if I want to ensure the best nursing home care in my future.

I just wasn’t ready for the baby to join in the militant behaviour at such a young age.

Of course I adore watching her progression from single word commands, “Up!” “Push!” “Dance!” “Monkey!” “Dance!” Onto bigger and better, more elaborate, finely tuned and polished sentences to help make her point.

Recently she approached me moments after filling her pants and clearly stated, “Mommy, I had a poop. Change my diaper.”

I have to find the positive in movements like this. She is speaking in full sentences. She’s asking for help. She realizes there is an equal and opposite reaction to something she has done and lastly, she’s uncomfortable walking around with a soiled diaper. I see all of these as steps in the right direction towards potty training a rather stubborn yet totally coherent, messing-with-me-every-step-of-the-way little girl.

The other day however, she had adapted her request for a diaper change to include an even broader understanding of her current vocabulary and her environment.

“Mommy, I had a poop. Give me a bath.”

I think I prefer “Dance monkey, dance.”