A kind neighbour approached Greg on the street the other day with a caring nod and a gift bag. I guess this act of kindness was not-so-much random as it was totally planned and deliberate.

Greg opened the package after this woman whom we have only met casually a few times, having heard the story of our recent break-in, felt compelled to bring us a gift and offered up the bag.

As a pick me up, as a kind gesture, as a way to replace something we may have lost, the reason wasn’t entirely clear but this sweet and thoughtful presentation made us realize there are good people in the world, some right here in our neighbourhood.

While the future home of our new-to-us item has yet to be determined, we know both our heads and our spoons will have a cozy place to rest tonight.

Thank you Mrs. Macintosh. I have always wanted to go to Puerto Rico.