1. My eight year old who asked if we could have a house pet and after being refused a dog, cat, fish, gerbil asked, “What about a unicorn?” Deal.
  2. My five year old who still believes in magic and finds my lame card tricks paper miracles.
  3. My almost two year old who says, “Sit here bench” and it sounds like “See here bitch!” which will never get old.
  4. My five year old who says, “Hey Mom, we’re thinking the same, exact thing! We’re really in the sink with each other!”
  5. My eight year old who did not soil herself and got an A- on her first ever math test. (Miracles do happen!)
  6. My five year old for building up calluses on her hands so she can beat her personal record of number of consecutive trips across the monkey bars at the park.
  7. My eight year old for becoming more confident in her abilities every day.
  8. My two year old who forces me to appreciate the very smallest of life’s victories including gearing up to take a “big step” while chanting “big step” off of a slight 1” ripple in the cement at the end of our neighbour’s driveway and stops to bow and clap for herself each time.  And for never missing a puddle to jump in.
  9. My eight year old for taking swimming lessons not because she has to but because she wants to and for taking piano lessons because she has to not because she wants to.
  10. The people who detailed my van yesterday and asked if I wanted to spend an additional $10 to have the third row of seating vacuumed. No, that’ll be fine. Just leave a crisp, Cheerio-bits line so I know where the kids are allowed to eat from now on.