• Weight Loss                                                      
  • Muscle Tone
  • Me Time


  • Starting from scratch
  • Passing out or vomiting at hot yoga
  • Being forced to take a tour of the facilities including the women’s locker room where nudists from all over the world come to dance naked and use their hair dryers as microphones. I get it, you’re coming out and I better get this party started
  • Falling asleep on the drive there, during the class or the drive home
  • Eating more to compensate for calories lost during a work-out
  • Getting bangs, then cursing myself for getting bangs because they gather sweat, stick to my forehead and really only work on a gym-free Lizzy
  • Having to wear earrings and learn to apply make-up for hip-hop class
  • Hip hop class
  • No parking
  • Baby it’s cold outside
  • People who fart in hot yoga and don’t have their memberships revoked
  • Having to shave my legs
  • Having to come up with new excuses as to why I can’t work-out
  • Passing two Starbucks on the way home can be expensive
  • Quitting the gym, not telling anyone, leaving the house in my work-out clothes and not having a shift at the mall to kill time