We arrived for our first day of JK ready to stagger. We staggered onto our driveway, into the van, we staggered the whole way to school, out of the van and onto the school parking lot. There were no other staggerers to be found. Had they already staggered into the classroom? Were they staggering their sillies out in the foyer?

Upon arrival, we were informed that we were early and should stagger ourselves over to the waiting area for the following reason. “We want to allow the Senior Kindergarten kids to settle and then someone will come and collect the new JK’s a few minutes later and lead them down the hall.”

We are now not only staggering the entry by day but also by hour and minute? I thought this business of isolation and separation expired after the first week?

Ellie was quick to run over to the group of SK’s she recognized, park herself on the cement strip and try to act as though she was five and in SK rather than the bullseyed JK she was masking.

The kids approached the door and Ellie marched right alongside. She found a cubby and a hook with her name on it and began to unpack, oblivious that at any moment, the staggering police sensing her obvious snubbing of the staggering rules would be arriving to drag her to the JK foyer.

She removed her outdoor crocs, missing one strap and exposing a hole in the toe of her JK tights, no SK would dare leave the house wearing.

One of the SK girls approached her with an outstretched hand offering kindness and friendship and told her she too had shoes similar to Ellie’s but hers were blue and had stars on them. Technically, nothing at all like Ellie’s but an excellent ice breaker.

Ellie quietly removed her indoor shoes as I thought she might, exposing the tongue of her pink shoes with ribbons.

Ellie: If you ever get confused, mine have my initials E.S. right here.

Stagger over to your seat Ellie. Your fellow JK’s will be staggering in shortly.

Welcome to Kindergarten…….finally.