Fashion seems to be getting ahead of me and I’m slowly walking the plank toward a sea of loneliness wishing maybe some of the surrounding sharks would just start chewing at my current wardrobe tearing off sleeves to meet the current trend demands. It took me months to figure out the simple wrap shirt but today’s shops have me even more baffled.

While shopping, I selected a shirt with long sleeves (for warmth) with the most beautiful detailing over one shoulder. Subtle stitching, muted taupe colour, a shirt for every day, for every mom to be worn on its own in public and under the biggest, bulkiest, cosiest cardigan and bag of popcorn behind closed doors.  

Upon closer inspection, I noticed this particular design appeared to have two sleeves but when I pulled the left side out thinking one of the sleeves was tucked around the back or still pinned together having never been tried on, I realized I was pulling on a pillow case and not a sleeve at all.

Back to the rack to find the same shirt further along the aisle hoping this time, the seamstress didn’t storm out before finishing the second sleeve and sure enough there it was in lavender. Continue reading “With One Hand Tied Behind My Back…..” »