I drove through the Tim Horton’s line this morning and noticed (maybe for the first time) the helpful notice posted on the window for thieves. My wait was a couple of seconds longer than usual so I found myself taking note of the document.

While I can’t remember the exact verbiage, the message was pretty straight forward.

The property is under surveillance at all times and all monies are locked in a safe. The manager does not have a key to the safe so don’t try to wrestle him/her for a key or you will come up empty.

What intrigued me was the last line on the form.

For all other inquiries, please speak to the store owner or manager.

I thought this was an interesting, gentle gesture, a polite note to thieves for directing those questions that may not have otherwise been made clear on the notice.

Aside from the thieves, why would anyone have any further inquiries unless you have thoroughly reviewed the scare tactic the staff had hoped would send you on your way and decided, I have a couple of other, quite specific questions about my intent to rob this place and I’m going to require some answers.

When the wannabe crook asks the coffee maker, “Excuse me, could I speak to your manager about the whereabouts of the safe key and also, can you confirm the safe is locked today? How much cash am I going to be driving off with? How is the safe mounted and what type of hardware will I require to jimmy it open?”

After the alarm sounds and the lasers strike him, bars surround his vehicle and the police arrive, I think we could have done without the formality of “For all other inquiries”, but at least the thieves know to whom they should direct their follow up questions without wasting time on the wrong staff member.