Ellie came home from school very excited about a new friend she’d made. She wanted to have her for a sleepover. She couldn’t recall her name but they were best friends and this sleepover must get planned asap. She told me to call her mother and set it up. No problem. I just need a couple of pieces of information before that can happen. Name and phone number to start and of course birth certificates documenting you are both ten years old, the age you will need to reach before I will begin to allow sleepovers.

Hanna mentioned there is a boy in her class whose family owns a restaurant. She thinks it might be East Side Mario’s. Sweet. All you can eat bread and salad for the class Christmas party.

Ellie then informed me Grace announced her dad owns her entire neighbourhood. I’m hoping when Ellie recalls the slumber party invitee it is someone other than Grace. Continue reading “Name That Friend….” »