Mind Games……

We received a memo on the first day of school and it seems the teacher is already trying to mess with us.

Our teacher is a known food dictator and perhaps for good reason. She insists on healthy snacks/lunches, has no tolerance for sweets and has a reputation for sending notes home asking parents to be mindful of the parallels between a nutritious diet and a child’s ability to learn.

The memo suggests visiting various websites, includes examples from the four food groups and discourages processed, sugar-based snacks. She refers to “party foods” and how they do not provide the nutrition a child needs to do his/her best. Agreed.

While I agree with everything listed in the memo and I actually think it’s a good reminder for parents to start the year off right, knowing from time to time, we might be inclined to throw in a treat or “party food” if it’s a matter of being ill-prepared or based on the child’s insistence.

I am not insulted by these suggestions. I do not take offense to being reminded that a child’s energy level, concentration and ability to learn are directly related to the foods they consume.

Here’s my issue…..

The paragraph immediately following the eat well or fail blurb includes the following, next to an asterisk;

“Don’t Throw These Out! Our class will be needing….


Try as I might, I could not find the Pringles aisle anywhere in the health food store.