Writing the book will have to wait. Today is the first day of school.

We’ve made it through JK, SK, grade one (aka anatomy of bitchy six year old girls) and today is another day of great beginnings…..starting with, the school lunch.

In keeping with the litterless, no nuts, no bananas, no sweetened juices, no foods causing hyper-activity, nothing too hard to open, nothing with food colouring, nothing time consuming to eat, nothing that can be eaten too quickly introducing awkward desk time, nothing that will still be frozen at noon or chill below room temperature if in a thermos, nothing that leaks, nothing with leeks, nothing that can’t be hidden easily if said food item is no longer cool, nothing that is so appealing it’s worth risking an attempt to trade, nothing that lacks the appeal of a trade to at least one other eater, nothing over-produced, over-ripe, overly smelly, overly sensitive to a brisk wind or a cruel joke, nothing without a thick-skin, nothing that can’t withstand the test of time, nothing with Dora the Explorer, nothing that exactly mirrors the lunch one bag over, nothing canker causing, nothing cancer causing, nothing too spicy, nothing alive…..

At this point, we have a note from Mommy and a copy of Canada’s Food Guide.