Well the weather outside is frightful. The perfect conditions for skiing but even better conditions for some indoor skiing action on our wii video game. A great way to spend the morning with Ellie. At three, she is responsible for inserting the disc and any set up required to get the game started as I have no idea how to work the machine. The snow swirls past our windows making visibility outside a joke but it gently drifts on the slopes inside while our animated miis glide down camel hump. Actually, I hit more safety fences and ski chalets than mountains but there’s no danger of injury when I’m sitting on the edge of my family room ottoman other than if Ellie clocks me with her flailing right hand when she loses grip of her joy-stick.

I was nursing the baby while we tried wii bowling. A little tamer than skiing but I still found myself trying to juggle the baby’s head on my right elbow while doing my best to cream a three year old at her favourite game. No luck, she beats me every time. It’s not really a fair fight, she has her “wii hair” so that she matches her avatar almost exactly.